Bangla cht

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It is, therefore, imperative to replace the present shifting cultivation system with more productive and sustainable land use systems to enable people to secure their livelihoods. As Zeigler writes, "India's indignation at the award of the Chittagong Hill Tracts to Pakistan may have been a factor in making up Mountbatten's mind to keep the reports to himself till after independence". Many of them crossed over to India as refugees. In , they launched their first attack on a Bangladesh Army convoy. The accord stipulates that land would be returned to the owners once their ownership rights were ascertained, and a land survey would be undertaken in the CHT to ascertain ownership rights.

Bangla cht

Climate The weather of this region is characterised by tropical monsoon climate with mean annual rainfall nearly mm in the north and east and mm to mm in the south and west. During the s and 80s under Ziaur Rahman , the government of Bangladesh started to settle the area with Bengali people, displacing the local inhabitants who had lived there for centuries and threatening their way of life. The Shanti Bahini insurgents formally laid down their arms and received monetary compensation. These attempts were resisted by the hill tribes, who, with the latent support of neighbouring India , formed a guerrilla force called Shanti Bahini. Between and the Shanti Bahini SB developed its military organisation and weaponry. Accordingly, the folded flank is divided into three parallel almost N-S trending zones from west to east as: Generally the hill ranges and the river valleys are longitudinally aligned. Originally, the award of the Boundary Commission was to be made public on 13 August. On 2 December the Government of Bangladesh signed the peace accord with the Parvatya Chattagram Jana Samhati Samiti a political platform of the CHT hill peoples to stop two decades of armed insurgency. This programme violated the customary jhumia rights of the hill people. As colonial influence grew, "Chittagong" enlarged as well, expanding eastwards [7] to subsume the Hill Tracts under its revenue-collection territory. Some form of shifting cultivation has been practised in most parts of the world, but more intensive forms of agriculture have subsequently replaced it. Hence, with the inception of convergence of the Indian Plate and the Tertiary sediments deposited in the fore-arc basin, the region was uplifted during Miocene orogeny and followed by Pleistocene orogeny to form the present Arakan Yoma Mega-anticlinorium and its western extension covering Chittagong-Tripura mountain belt. Mountbatten was himself surprised by the ferocity of Vallabhbhai Patel 's reaction to the issue. Its members swelled over time. More than 60 families of birds are found. Communication Highways and waterways are the chief means of communication. It is a special stage in the evolution from hunting and food gathering to sedentary farming. Fauna The fauna mainly includes monkey, fox, jungle cat, fishing cat, wild boar, land turtle, king cobra, reticulated python, rat snake and other non-poisonous snakes together with large number of species of lisards and amphibians like frog and toad, and tree frogs. This page was last modified on 5 May , at This page has been accessed 6, times. It is evident that the RC is a symbolic institution. The British saw the Hill Tracts as an extension of the Chittagong district. However, gas seeps are reported from Sitapahar Kaptai and Jaldi wells, while oil seep from Uttan Chatra. But Mountbatten was reluctant to make this public. Vegetation The hills are unsuitable for cultivation but natural vegetation remains widely. Tribal laws and the dispensation of social justice will also come under its purview.

Bangla cht

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  1. Within the hill tracts, the Karnafuli has several important tributaries, of which Chengi, kasalong and Rainkhiang are the main ones.

  2. It is, therefore, imperative to replace the present shifting cultivation system with more productive and sustainable land use systems to enable people to secure their livelihoods.

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