Bad sex in a relationship

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Why cheating in Lagos is common but not surprising Although this is not stated in the study, it is logical that when people have a sexual urge, they'd rather have it satisfied in the most mindblowing way possible. It will get better Complacency and resignation is the enemy of progress in a relationship. On the other hand, if the not-so-great sex is happening with a new love interest, you can still try to communicate with him or her about your desires, but it might not always work.

Bad sex in a relationship

Minnu Bhonsle Last Updated October 17 , Conversations like these should be seen as a chance to learn, not just about what your partner wants in bed, but other equally important relationship skills such as joint problem solving, active listening, and mature conflict resolutions. If both you and your partner are unhappy, you may be able to work with each other to improve things. When both feel genuinely valued by each other, only then can the connect be deep and meaningful. It will get better Complacency and resignation is the enemy of progress in a relationship. It creates a joyful space of togetherness by reminding both people of all the building blocks of the relationship. Put your dancing shoes on and slow dance to your favorite song. This helps in creating emotional intimacy which is the foundation of physical intimacy. Seeing family albums or home videos is a happiness assignment. Talk it out, take some space if you need it, and work on finding your flow again. Even a great relationship could need a booster in the sexual department. Great Relationship, Bad Sex? Going for a swim, a jog, or cycling together releases 'endorphins' in both. One also needs to find out and address any physical issues in either one e. Playing cards or a board game with each other can have a naughty twist where the winner's wish is the loser's command. Do you long for more variety? So, you need to be able to communicate openly, whether this means sharing your desires, trying new things or compromising. Allure Okafor's Law One other reason why good sex may make people make bad decisions in relationships is the unfounded concept known as "Okafor's Law. If so, then appropriate medical intervention is the key. Sometimes, even when you're great as companions, one or both may be falling short in co-creating sexual fulfilment as a result of not being appropriately educated in the art of pleasuring. Hormonal issues, obesity, or other medical reasons can also result in low libido or erectile dysfunction. Apparently, it's something about sex and its ability to make people take stupid steps and make moronic decisions that are not good for them in the long run. Rather think of it more as a signal alerting you to the fact that a relationship tune-up is needed. It is a common misconception that sex should be effortless with the person you love. Happy couple holding hands Foreplay and sex do not begin and end in bed. Retail therapy always works. Cooking a meal together can cook up a storm of passion.

Bad sex in a relationship

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  1. However, if there are no physical impediments and if physical pleasuring is no longer an issue, then education in 'relational foreplay' is required.

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