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Ashane notes that being the Head Boy of S. Soon my interest turned towards water polo. Becoming a champion in the pool requires any player to pay his or her physical dues. He has toured countries like Singapore, Bangkok and India. Thursday, March 16, -


The difference lies in the fact that it is played in the water. Ashane notes that being the Head Boy of S. His goal is to become an entrepreneur. It is not an individual sport like badminton or athletics. Soon my interest turned towards water polo. His first international tour has been for swimming in where he won a silver medal at the Inaugural Karntaka Sri Lanka Dual Meet in India. He notes that the sport is very popular in Europe and USA. It was difficult to balance my duties and my studies. Queried on what he enjoys most about playing water polo and Ashane quips that it is the fact that the sport offers a totally different experience which cannot be found in other type of sport. You can substitute the players when needed. Known as a phenomenal sport water polo is fast moving and complicated. Players need to catch the ball with one hand. Apart from a pool you need two goals of equal length and head gear to play the game. You have to work hard, build muscle strength, improve your quickness, increase endurance and hone the technique required to play this game at a high level. Besides water polo Ashane is also into community service activities. My main chore was leading the student body. Our water polo practices are from 6 to 8. He has toured countries like Singapore, Bangkok and India. He preaches at the College Chapel Services. Dinethra Ashane Francis has taken on this challenge and managed to overcome the odds. I believe in my faith and I believe I am here because of Jesus Christ and my religion. It is the oldest team sports in the Olympics. All the players need to be able to propel themselves out of the water without their feet touching the ground. However I treasure every moment of it. His father, Manoj Francis, is a businessman. We have a swimming session from 5 to 7 am. There are 13 players in a team but seven play during a session.


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