Abundant living rancho cucamonga

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So he proposed other, subtler methods. Other shootings have been acts of domestic violence that just happened to occur in a church. He suggested that churches organize undercover security teams -- and recommended that some members come armed with concealed weapons.

Abundant living rancho cucamonga

Rodriguez said he came to the seminar because he worries that church violence will get worse. It is well-maintained and there is lots of growth in places to live, work, and play. That's what brought 15 Southern California church leaders to Garden Grove last week to attend an "Interfaith Intruder Response" course. In , there were six church shootings. It wasn't the first church shooting of -- in February, a man knelt before a cross at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove and killed himself with a gun -- and it wasn't the last. Michael McDonald will be performing there on November 18th. One attendee, Al Brown, of Abundant Living Family Church in Rancho Cucamonga, said the pastor at his church at first was reluctant to let parishioners carry firearms into services. Violence in churches is on the rise, experts say. The picturesque mountain backdrop provides the natural beauty, and honestly, that is all that keeps it from being "the five-star city" for me, because it is a chiefly commercial location. As more shootings at houses of worship make headlines, churches around the country are stepping up security, training their staff on how to detect and confront violent assailants, and asking congregants with licenses to carry guns during services. The City has lots of great program offerings for the residents, great parks, impressive community center facilities, great libraries, performing arts theater, and the schools are well-ranked. In the last decade, he said, 50 people were killed and 30 wounded in 35 church shootings. So he proposed other, subtler methods. Both of our children were raised here and attended local schools: Brown said he had attended three church security seminars. Other shootings have been acts of domestic violence that just happened to occur in a church. Victoria Gardens and Ontario Mills are two malls that are located within miles of Rancho. In , there were He said he did so in part because he worried that his church might be victimized because of its support for Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. George Tiller, a Kansas physician who performed late-term abortions, was shot to death in the foyer of his Wichita church by an anti-abortion protester. There's a venue in Victoria Gardens where concerts are held. Some of the churches that have been the scenes of recent shootings appear to have been targeted because of their stances on political issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion. After an opening prayer, Baker offered some grim statistics. If violence breaks out at church, it could take minutes for even the fastest police and rescue crews to respond, Baker said, "and there's a whole lot of bad that can happen in two to three minutes. Even so, some are now boosting their efforts in the wake of several high-profile hate crimes, including this month's shooting at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. Fred Winters deflected the first bullet with his Bible, sending bits of it into the air like confetti.

Abundant living rancho cucamonga

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